Ensconced once again

Fresh from holidaying in the sun

A break from taxing the brain

Lounging in the sunshine, fun

Lingering walks along the promenade

Laying off on a black sandy beach

From this dreams are made

Sitting off in an easy chair, a cool beer within reach

A glass of champagne, toast the sunset

Climbing 7000 feet high

Memories we’ll not forget

Stargazing, a clear night sky

Mind and body now refreshed

Words aplenty to spill onto blank pages

Time now to retire to the man shed

See what transpires when the mind engages.

(c) Chris Black 2016



As I walked out by Arbour hill


As I walked out by Arbour hill

As I walked out by Arbour hill

Sparkling sunshine, morning chill

Autumn leaves in gullies clutter

From cobblestones pigeons scatter.

Silence in the barracks square

No longer soldiers marching there

A grand museum of artefacts

Memories come flooding back.

Old graveyard behind prison walls

Tricolour proudly standing tall

In quick lime patriots buried all

A garden now set to recall.

UN also remembered there

Stop awhile in silent prayer

For the Congo and the Lebanon

Our Gardai, Soldiers fighting on.

History scattered all around

Easter rising, armies sound

A place to stop and to reflect

On those who merit our respect.

©j.black (wordverse.me)

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