Focus the mind.

Shivering in the softness of the falling drizzle

Unconsciously answering the neighing of the bay in a nearby field

Warming to the task as the body temperature rises

Stepping up the pace in order not to allow negativity set in

The mindset can be easily changed if positive thought is switched off

Thinking in this mode is healthy – food for the body

It is quite easy, especially on dull dark days to become that couch potato

We alone are the only ones who can motivate ourselves

Prompting from others tends the shell to close.

Reaching the spot – there is always a spot while taking a constitutional

Standing on a sloping bank watching a lone seal rise and fall

through the oceans mouth, soon to be joined by a playmate

On the headland my picture is of Jaws.

The voice of poetry knows no bounds

Imagination blends into real life and vice versa

Listening to waves lapping under a star-pricked sky

The moon as my only companion

Living life in the now.

(c)Chris Black 2016



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