Apropos of nothing.

Once placed upon a page, the writers hope is that the written word will engage, those who take the time to sit and read, giving the work time to breathe. Fresh words, new life, should engage positive thought, not cause strife. There again taste is singular, some do feed on the irregular. Others, tend to vary their menu depending on state of mind and venue. A novel idea one might say, encouraging participation in the art of word play. Engage yourself be it poetry or prose, continue to feed the habit, enjoy do not over expose. Then without stint before you go to print, the finished article you have laid down, be positive in your scrutiny of it do not cast a frown. The writer is deemed to be their worst critic – continue, if in any doubt seek assistance – become prolific. Picking a subject, write freely it is after all your project. Then as with this piece, read it over, correct errors, then release. This will never be the finished article, it’s akin to learning to ride the bicycle. You will fall on more than one occasion, getting up, dusting yourself off you will arrive at your given station. The piece you are writing will tell you when you have reached the end, to this end for this written word I question myself, have I found the blend?

(c)Chris Black 2016.



8 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing.

    1. Three hurdles I struggle to get over regularly. Change of subject Fransi – not good for the blood pressure I know but where to now Hillary? Where to America and where to world peace? Food for your Tuesday column?

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      1. Good questions Chris. I just don’t know what’s going to happen. I just cannot believe that Comey (FBI) would make that statement 11 days before an election when the other candidate is a dangerous maniac — and not say anything conclusive. And he called Hillary Clinton reckless!! I am sure this is intended to make sure that the Republicans maintain control of Congress — there is a down-ballot race going on at the same time. The whole thing is just a disgrace.

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