Five Family Walks To Enjoy the Autumn Colours

Bumbles of Rice

If summer is a time to be by the beach then Autumn sends us to the woods. Is there a sound more satisfying than the crunch of bronze leaves underfoot? Here are six of our favourite Autumn walks worth checking out before the leaves all fall and turn to mush. Each walk is short and easy, and accessible for buggies.

IMG_6691-0Ballycross Apple Farm, Co. Wexford

It’s a family tradition now, every October we go down to the pumpkin patch in Ballycross, eat some waffles and kick some leaves. With the Halloween rush over it should be getting a bit quieter. Don’t leave without apples and apple juice. Entry: Adults€3.50; Children €2.50


Avondale House and Forest Park, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow

We always make a point of going to Avondale in the early autumn as the leaves are turning, the show of colour is magnificent and we can soak it…

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5 thoughts on “Five Family Walks To Enjoy the Autumn Colours

      1. Is that the Blue or Red side Elaine Patricia, I am asking that question as a long time follower of Nottingham Forest – but then again it’s just a game.

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