Seated comfortably?

Today while seated on a park bench I thought, do those adjoining benches ever communicate when left alone. Surely they would never be short on topics of conversation.

For instance they could discuss conversations overheard such as, lovers tiffs the intimate thoughts of courting couples.

Couples escaping for an hour of freedom to meet a secret lover and discuss what if?

Business men in pin striped suits busying themselves on laptops and other aids of communication while enjoying a Starbucks takeaway.

The times when a down and out would make themselves comfortable for a nights sleep.

Would they ever complain to one another about weather conditions – being left alone on days when it would pour rain or when they are left to shiver in times of severe frost and heavy snowfall.

When one of their companions suffered badly from rot and rust and had to be removed to park bench heaven would they whisper a communal goodbye?

Possibly be jealous of the sparkling new replacement or would it be fondly greeted with tales of what to expect during its lifetime.

So many imponderables.

Perhaps they would discuss how and from what wood they were hewn, the hands that assisted in their manufacture.

Did the bench I had rested on ever think it would have brought to mind that it could be a topic of conversation, written about and shared for others to maybe think – now there is something to expand on or indeed think, just what does go through some peoples head when sitting alone on a park bench!!!

(c) Chris Black 2016


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