Inspiring pictures for writers – breakfast by Bertha Leonard



I love the detail of the table (what’s going on with the sugar bowl?) and the background. At first sight it seems to be a conventional domestic interior until you realise that the perspective warps and forces you to focus. The slice of water melon is about a third the size of the odd-looking cooker and while it looks right where it is, surely it is pretty sloppy housekeeping to leave it in the middle of the floor. I’d love to get close and study it in detail, but this is all we have and, as it stands, it is an invitation not to take the ho-hum of everyday routine at face value.

I haven’t been able to find out much about Bertha Leonard, except that she was a popular artist in the Philadelphia area since the 1970s. Born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she was quoted as…

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Organic Colors

Poesy plus Polemics

watermelon-lutz-baar “Watermelon” by Lutz Baar

the melons are finally in bloom

laden with slaking refreshment

in this overhot season of conflict

parching forbearance of citizens

green and red in sublime coalition

yield sweet fruit all thirsts can enjoy

while the blue and red give forth

with nothing but dry barren vines

(originally posted June 2013)

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