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As November draws to a close it does so with a difficult final week. Tuesday November 29th is Daniel’s anniversary. Three years this year. He should be sixteen, pushing the teenage boundaries and beginning to blossom into the young man he would become. He should have beaten leukemia a childhood cancer with a very high recovery rate. He, like many other young children this year, should not have got cancer. It’s not the way life should be.

It’s difficult to go through this week without replaying Daniel’s final days three years ago. The phone call to say he was coming home. The fear he would not be strong enough to make the journey. The joy at seeing the ambulance bring him in the gates of his home. The happy smile on his face when he saw he was home at last.

As the month passes I think it’s also important to…

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7 actionable strategies to attract more readers to your poetry blog

Business in Rhyme


Did you know that the roughly estimate of number of blogs on the Internet is over 150 million?

And no doubt we as writers do want to find new, interesting ways to attract readers and popularize content. To cut through all that noise of useless information, spam, adverts…it comes especially hard for poetry blogs, since traditionally we are more accustomed to read poetry in books and magazines. But more and more social media networks like Instagram are taking place and becoming a great resource for finding fresh and inspirational poetry – and you do want to take advantage of that.

Today I want to share with you some actionable ways that I have observed to work (especially for some popular poetry blogs here on the platform) and you can easily apply in your blogging scheme to attract more readers. But first of all, be aware that it takes time…

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Gift giving and the golden rule

Mind of a Mouse

“Do unto others…”

81s7bals-l-_sl1500_If I gave to you what I would like to receive, you’d be getting an NES Classic Edition for christmas this year.

Obviously, that’s not going to work.  First of all – they’re sold out everywhere, and second, what if you don’t love it?  What if you don’t dream of playing Legend of Zelda the way I do? What if you’re not obsessed with the idea that maybe, now you are so much older, you can actually finish Super Mario Bros. for real, instead of lying about it for all these years… decades?

The rule should be, do unto others as they’d like to have done to them.  I guess it doesn’t sound as nice that way, but this is why we write wish lists.

Many years ago – I was asked, by someone who will remain nameless, what I wanted for christmas. I said I wanted…

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The Orbit of Poetry: A Prose Writer’s Thoughts–guest blog post by Kristen Figgins

Trish Hopkinson


I am at a party, sitting in the middle of someone’s bedroom floor, holding a plastic cup and crying, because being a writer is a lovely, terrible thing, and I cannot articulate, to myself or anyone else, why I want so badly for my stories to be read by others.  They are, maybe, nice art.  But I sob and wave my fingers around as I struggle to explain what value my writing, my writing, adds to the world.

My friend rubs my back and tells me, “Maybe that’s why you get published.  So someone else can tell you that your writing has value.  Since, you know, you clearly don’t believe me when I tell you it does.”


Reclining in a black box theater, I watch a drama student mouth the words of my one-act play, Meatless, a thirty-minute farce about the factory farming industry.  After the play is…

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