heading to the lady camp from Bella & Shirley by pd lyons

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(lady camp)

up in the highlands. a small camp once used by shepherds. there was a clean water source and not much more when we started but now? three small cabins, latrines, cooking fires. Do you now there is a way to make a smokeless fire?

really! i said.

they help each other. whatever one knows is what one does. and for those who didn’t know much, look outs were always needed besides a mind sharpened by the promise of safety and food learns quick. there are even a few men. good men. not always someone’s relation but men who had helped or tried to help. men who had proven themselves. one fellow was an expert with  noiseless ways of trapping animals. there are also some very good fisher ladies she laughed. we live like savages but honest savages. there are things to eat from the wilderness. there are people…

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Glimmer of Hope.

Welcome to our house of knowledge

The light that shines beckons one and all

Our door is open come on in.

We’ve gathered here to share poetic words

To give each other the will to go on

Our door is open come on in.

As we sit and listen

We dare not interrupt or digress

Welcome to our house of knowledge.

People gather in the gloom outside

Some consider entering then turn back

Our door is open come on in.

The chairman sits atop the table

With tomes, to answer any query

Welcome to our house of knowledge.

We hope that when you leave

Next time you may wish to bring a friend

Our door is open come on in

Welcome to our house of knowledge.

(c) Chris Black 2016.