Pulling the pin.

Some like to write on the good of life

While others strive on trouble and strife

Are differing ways of looking at the world dishonest –

playing with words the poets prerogative?


Trying hard to comply with the rules is trying

Always swimming against the tide

puts you at a disadvantage

Remembering at all times there are always two sides to a story.


Were not tangents invented so as ‘writers’ could hop on board

and go in different directions all at once

distancing ones self, slipping between the cracks solves nothing

confuses matters all the more

tossing that imaginary hand grenade

what does it gain?


It may well bide more time

But will that solve the issues at hand?

It is rarely seen to do so

Level headed constructive thinking

yes that appears to be the answer

to all world disasters

once the poor can be used as human shields

terrorists on all sides will continue their annihilation.

(c) Chris Black 2016