Never doubt yourself.

Today I’m a rhymer without a rhyme

Floundering like a rudderless boat

What to do, where to turn

for a splash of inspiration

I’m at a total loss.


Struggling with this blank page

Why does the thought process suddenly disengage?

Leaving the poet with nowhere to turn

I’ll not stop trying but for a moment adjourn

Take a step outside the thinking process

Great therapy I must confess

Ponder, admire what nature has to offer

Write on what I see or then again I may prefer

As time is not of the essence –

Take a different stance

Hook up with man’s best friend

With him in tow I can depend

that negative thoughts can be put on hold

When I return to the blank page who knows what might unfold

I could well be a rhymer with a poem to share

Or equally be relaxed with neither worry nor care.

(c)Chris Black 2016.