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Poesy plus Polemics

friendship-in-blue-abstract-anahi-decanio “Friendship in Blue” by Anahi Decanio

Dear Readers,

Once again, I take brief pause from poetry in order to acknowledge you – the amazing members of my WordPress community. Next month will be the 4th anniversary of Poesy plus Polemics, which now reaches into more than 150 countries.

On this snowy early winter day in New Hampshire, I find that more than 12,000 of you are now loyal followers of this blog. On more than 270,000 occasions, you have gone out of your way to visit and read my work, leaving behind nearly 50,000 comments.

Few traditional paperback writers enjoy such affirmation. We contemporary poets and authors are blessed with this modern technology that allows our words to instantly reach so many appreciative eyes. The personal connections and friendships made possible by the internet are, for me, a continuing source of encouragement and inspiration.

It is impossible to adequately…

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