Seeking shelter.

Rolled up in her sleeping bag

Shivering from the cold

Shivering from fear

Peeking from underneath a woolly hat

The rain belting down in stair rods.

Was her thoughts on

Why was this path chosen for me

Will I be safe from those party goers

The sound of revellers falling out of night clubs

Always a fearful time

For all those living (if this could be called living)

Cowering down in doorways

Victims of the establishment, most

Some choose this path

None were happy with their lot

But then again are any of us happy with our lot

Would we change places if given the chance


Plaudits to all those who work the nightly soup run

Making sure those ‘living’ in doorways,

alleyways, beneath bridges all have fuel

to see them through the night

especially at this time of year.

Christmas time should be joyous

Let us be the one to prove it true.

Don’t close that stable door.

(c) Chris Black 2016



Laughter the best medicine – Hot dogs, Swim Aids and Venetian blinds

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

My good friend Mrs. T.. ♥ has sent me a bunch of funnies to share with you. She wishes to remain anonymous as she is already booked solid to Christmas with gigs to bring laughter to global audiences.  Grateful she found the time to think of us.
















Thanks Mrs. T.. and if you have enjoyed… please pass on the laffs….Sally

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Poetry in disguise: using your casual writing to discover the poet within

Business in Rhyme


I can bet that many of you, as a little kid (just as I did) liked to have a small notebook or a diary where you would write your cutest and most intricate secrets – how you hated your lunch or how that boy in the second row always gave you weird looks and laughed at your braces.

And I do believe that even today so far I have never met a real boredom – because I’m always doodling, jotting something down and I find easy ways to amuse myself. That habit of simply recording your thoughts can have a deeper meaning and transfer into something more beautiful and valuable. Today I want to share my experience with that.

I’m a strong advocate for journaling and daily ‘casual’ writing, because if you look at it more clearly, it is a perfect guide and companion: paper can hold on to anything…

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