Good Monday Morning

Mannix Flynn

Good Monday morning Ireland.

Here is a beautiful tune about the once thriving blacksmith, now sadly in decline.  Let’s keep this tradition alive.


bojangles Bojangles, on Merrion Square

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Sweet Beatitude – #MusicandMuseMonday – #Spiritual #Poetry





Sweet Beatitude

Seraphim upon the wing

Descending and Ascending

With the Harmonious Joy they Bring

Lullaby of Delicate Night

Miracle of Angelic Light

Hearken to the Majestic Sight

While Choirs of voices Harmoniously Sing

Sweet Beatitude

Gathering All unto its Song

While Darkness tolls, an impending throng;

Tender Mercy Harmoniously Rings

A Sweet Beatitude.






Beautiful Star Image found at: Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Artist.  Thank You~

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I Can’t Get Me No… Satisfaction

Catch a Falling Star

I am old.  And it is true that I am not as old as the Rolling Stones.  After all, they are living proof that prehistoric fossils can actually still sing.  But I am nearing the end.  My health is rapidly deteriorating.  And while medical technology has advanced worldwide, and is probably the only reason I have lived for 60 years, the cost of that technology to Americans is beyond what I can afford.  I am living now in a house that I saw in my dreams back in college.  In that dream from when I was twenty, I saw myself sitting in an easy chair that is now in this house.   The sky outside was pale orange.  And an angel came to me and said, “This is it.  This is the end.  You must come with me.”


So I am expecting the angel any day now.

But there is…

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