Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Johan Vermeer

Born in the Netherlands in October 1632

His painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring

is something to behold

of its natural beauty

the whole world should be told.


A Vermeer masterpiece is what it is classed

Its natural beauty, will it ever be surpassed?

Johan Vermeer a natural talent by all accounts

Taking his work slowly at all times

Taking ultimate care

Never did get the deserved recognition while alive.


At the time of his passing

His family were barely able to survive.

Vermeer passed away on the 15th December 1675

In Delft.


The beauty of his paintings will keep his name alive.

What attracted me to this artists work?

its naturalness

abstract for me holds no attraction.

Of course everyone to their own

beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder.


Vermeer captures this at all times

whether its The Girl with the Wine Glass

The Astronomer

His thirty plus recognised paintings

each one a thing of beauty.

(c) Chris Black 2016


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