Christmas alphabet. 2016/2017

C is for those children under the threat of war

H is for the hopeless situations children find themselves in through no fault of their own

R is for the rape and pillage by Boko Haram

I is for the imagination of the child in the face of ongoing perils

S is for Santa Claus the one bright light in their innocent years

T is for trust in their every action we adults must show when it is most required

M is for the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Infant Jesus

A is for the aspirations we adults must have for all children placed in our care

S is for the safety and security we all relish for the children of the world.

(c)Chris Black 2017.


Happy New Year

One and all. I sincerely hope that 2017 brings you fulfilment in everything you turn your hand to. That those with the responsibility of brokering peace throughout the world wake up to their responsibilities realise that egos will never sort out the troubles that we left behind yesterday. Although listening to news bulletins earlier this morning puts a big question mark on that.

(c)Chris Black 2017