Christmas alphabet. 2016/2017

C is for those children under the threat of war

H is for the hopeless situations children find themselves in through no fault of their own

R is for the rape and pillage by Boko Haram

I is for the imagination of the child in the face of ongoing perils

S is for Santa Claus the one bright light in their innocent years

T is for trust in their every action we adults must show when it is most required

M is for the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Infant Jesus

A is for the aspirations we adults must have for all children placed in our care

S is for the safety and security we all relish for the children of the world.

(c)Chris Black 2017.



3 thoughts on “Christmas alphabet. 2016/2017

  1. Wise words Chris. And a very timely reminder. When you look around the world, even on home turf, it is clear we are letting the children down. Thanks for this.

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