On a musical slant.

All it takes is one line to allow words intertwine

That’s Amore

Then you write one more line and that makes you feel fine

That’s Amore

(tell me you were not tempted to sing).

This morning I watched as diamond shaped frost

snatched by a watery sun disappeared from its early morning shelter.

I stood and watched at the changing pattern of the cloud

reminded of what the poet Robert Browning said in his poem


One who never turned his back but marched breast forward

never doubted clouds would break.

As I slant my pen, I may just pay the penalty

but God loves a trier, losing my way as on I plod

all will be revealed in good time,

it will fall into a sense of rhythm.

It may not happen in this particular poem

But Que Sera, Sera.

To misquote The Duke (1899-1974) writing is my mistress

guess I’ll take ‘The A Train’ to some place noo,

to the strains of ‘East St Louis’


(c) Chris Black 2017