Here be whales

Kevin Connelly

It’s not often you get a chance to get so close to whales, dolphins or even seals in their natural habitats.  Depending on where you live it could be the result of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or something completely unexpected.

For others it could be relatively common, something almost unnoticed.  I posted a poem, “The Tholsel, Kilkenny”, here on that very topic, one person’s exotic being another’s normal.

This was my response to a painting by Paul Henry RHA of the ancient Toll House (Tholsel) in my native Kilkenny City, Ireland.  The first time I saw this I was astonished that a sight as familiar to me as a wristwatch could be seen and painted in such a beautiful way by someone from elsewhere.  The poem includes the couplet

So my familiar seems exotic to you,

as my exotic is your familiar too

Perhaps this is an uncommon…

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MALTA (The Hidden Treasures) THE VILLAGE FESTA.

A Thought for today



One of the best examples of Maltese tradition and culture is the village ‘Festa’, an annual joyous celebration involving the entire community and continuing for several days. The ‘Festa’ is largely a religious festival, and is held in every village between the months of May and September. Each village has a patron saint and this is the focus of the village feast. On a certain weekend of the year the villagers will decorate the streets with banners and statues dedicated to the saint and for almost a week locals and tourists rejoice and celebrate the feast, culminating in the ceremonial parading of the saint’s statue in a joyful procession to every corner of the village.


During the ‘Festa’ the whole village is decorated and comes alive with numerous events such as fireworks, church services and performances by the local brass band. The streets are full of stall…

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White House V Trump Tower.

Three days to go before the White House has a new resident?

Donald Trump Americas next President

The world awaits with baited breath

Just to see what on earth lies in store.

Political theatre that the world could do without?

Yet here we are on the outside unable to do anything but shout aloud.

As an outsider I guess it’s time for me to exit

Before someone introduces into the mix, Brexit.

Let us just hope those in charge are prepared to take due care

Let the world know peace and not live in an endless nightmare.

Still to come down the line Italian, Austrian, German elections

Add to this The Northern Ireland debacle and other world wide crisis

Well past the time for political correctness.

(c) Chris Black 2017.