Nothing changes that stays the same.

Even before setting out to write

Have you found yourself overwhelmed,

engulfed, even swamped by words?

Trying to be forthright and at the same time

simple in what you wish to portray

enjoying the essence of wordplay.

Ambition is a fine thing

but most of the time do you dream instead of doing.

Write a nice tidy poem whispered the Muse

was that mentioned to assist or confuse?

Good metre and perfect rhyme

a poem to grip the imagination of the reader

it need not be sublime.


Bitching and snitching didn’t we all do it while at school

it was part of the hidden rule.

This was back in the day

when you were afraid to squeal on the bully

it has now turned full circle, well and truly.

This is a good thing?

bring them together allow them kiss and make up

but there is always a sting.

OK keep your cool don’t go jumping to conclusions

causing confusion, figuratively speaking this can be done

so as not to confuse anyone.

Being a writer you can sign off at any stage

the reader can then consider to engage

or disengage.

We will get nowhere quickly if we continue to stand still

waiting on the wind.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


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