My writing bureau.

‘If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk the sign?’ #Quote Albert Einstein.

It may seem cluttered to the visitor’s eye

Yet I know it intimately

With eyes closed a reference book can be referenced

Poetry books can be scanned

Poems and such writing can be planned

It’s a liquorice allsorts mix

Where I go to get my daily fix

My writing habit has its source here

Blank pages and ink are my drug

Those that live within the confines of its drawers

most get on famously once egos are left on the outside

Others are dinosaurs.

No names no pack drill

I don’t want to arrive some morning to a blood spill

Suffice to say they are all good friends with me

I can take them up flick through pages

Or perhaps take one down and spend an age

Getting involved in the story it tells

As I write I am currently involved in a one-way conversation

As in his company I would be a poor relation

As Nicola Murphy, The Time wrote on the sleeve of the book-

Now Read On-

‘There is no inquisitive, humorous, bloody-minded eccentric quite like Bernard Levin, and there is no inquisitive, humorous, bloody-minded eccentric who writes like Bernard Levin.

So it’s time now to read on.

Bernard Levin – 1928-2004.

(c) Chris Black 2017.win_20170120_09_13_10_pro