Shifting through the gears.

Don’t do it she screamed as he accelerated in ‘dangerous bend’

Why did you turn down my proposal he asked calmly? it wasn’t a life or death decision.

This however is a life or death decision.

He took his foot off the throttle, the car then began to slow down.

It was too late for her, as projectile vomit covered her, the dashboard and windscreen of the car.

If you were too blind before to notice how that temper of yours affects me she shouted – this evil act of yours should drive it home hard.

This is not the time or place to bring up a subject of this kind he viciously replied.

I am in control of this situation so you will do as I say.

The car had come to a standstill at this point.

He kept the engine ticking over, I’m getting out to take a short walk and hopefully clear my head maybe you should do the same?

No she firmly replied, it is best you are on your own for a period, I’ll stay here and try and clean this mess up and sort out my own head.

Life had been a living hell for the past two years, she was only in the country a couple of months at the time she met him.

Soon after that he had her on the game – her illegal status lead her into this way of life.

His proposal was for his benefit only to enhance his bank balance by dangerously involving her in further illegal practices.

Her mind was scrambled as she sat in behind the wheel of the car – her life was to get further complicated by this action…

(c) Chris Black 2017.