Patiently waiting.

The doctor’s surgery was a full as a chocolate box

Not for just a moment was there a lull in proceedings

What with babies crying, people openly sighing.

Coughing and spluttering, germs being spread

Under the breath mutterings

A motley mix of out of date magazines to browse

For as long as patience allows.

Kids zone, a noisy space

No escaping the racket taking place.

Sitting waiting patiently for that noble call

The patient next to you begins to recall –

Previous ailments of which you have little interest in

But you lend an ear.

At last your name is announced

Which is the better place silently you think

Listening to ‘thunder’ or

Have your confidence torn asunder?

In you go, take a seat

Go through the usual routine

Roll up your sleeve, blood pressure fine

Heart, still ticking

Blood sample taken

General chit chat

You leave not much the wiser

The wallet, 60euro lighter.

(c) Chris Black 2017.