A poem.

I turned up at this empty page today

Hoping I’d find something constructive to say.

After finding a title for the piece

Relaxation time, the mind at peace –

for a poem is a way of expressing ones feelings

this does not apply to all of course –

It can be said in so many various ways

With few or many words.

Thoughts on those you love in life

Maybe you find it easier to speak

with the written word?

On how we greet each breaking dawn,

each waking moment.

Your work, what it entails

You might be an entrepreneur

an entertainer, are they not one and the same?

Perhaps you keep cities, towns and their environs

neat and tidy

We should learn compassion, those of us who scorn

none of us are without fault.

Whether we are Pope, Politician or President –

Parent, Carer, House Person etc.

A poem at times can be much more than mere words

on a page

It can be endearing




Down right boring

If it is written and shelved away

for a rainy day

The poet will never realise its real effect

So brazen it out –

This is directed at self, so writers/readers

do not take offence

Give it its wings, its freedom

If it is to be slated, so be it.

Is not all criticism constructive?

(c) Chris Black 2017

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