Product of song titles.

With these words I wish you well. Never in my Wildest Dreams would I Crawl into your bed, introduce Paper Tigers to frighten you from your sleep to hear you Just Scream.

I’ve travelled for miles down Ragged Ass Road, planting Flowers in the Concrete in the form of crosses. Following the Dreamer’s Dream.

My Message to you is, be not afraid rise up again against the Will Of The Gun.

Instil in your follower’s that there will be a freedom Song Before I Leave otherwise the dream would at Best a Waste of Time.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Words in bold italics are taken from a production by John  Webster and Tom Cochrane CD titled RAGGED ASS ROAD. 1995 EMI MUSIC Canada.

All songs written by Tom Cochrane except Flowers in the concrete, Best Waste of Time, Will of the Gun written by Annette Ducharme. Crawl was written by Tom Cochrane/Bill Bell.