Fats Domino is 89 today! Many Happy Returns Fats!

The Immortal Jukebox

The great Fats Domino was born 89 years ago today.

Thinking of all the immense pleasure his music has given me and millions of others I could not let such an august anniversary pass without a full salute from The Immortal Jukebox.

So, I am reblogging my previous tribute.

I also want to pay homage to the magnificent saxophonist Herb Hardesty who died just before Christmas last year.

That’s Herb you can hear soloing on, ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ and, ‘I’m Walking’ and that’s him too playing one of the most perfect parts in all Rock ‘n’ Roll on, ‘Blue Monday’.

As a birthday treat I am adding what may be my all time favourite Fats track – ‘Be My Guest’.

A record which beautifully illustrated the sheer joy woven into every bar of a Fats Domino record.

A record which demonstrated the glorious camaraderie of the Fats Domino Band.

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Listening to the colour of language.

A city visit, never the same

Without fish & chips

Complimented by a pint of Guinness

Forget about your calories count

You only live once

Me time, pamper time

Listening to lunchtime banter

Both sober and slightly inebriated

Pinstripe and casual engaging in

conversations in many tongues

strange to the ear

yet educational.

All walks of life

moving in and out

add to the ambience and atmosphere.

(c) Chris Black 2017.



He sits in a shaft of sunlight that warms his favourite after breakfast corner

contented, awaiting his masters call “walkies time”

The house is quieter than usual “pooch” didn’t question why his master had not fed him this morning

As the sun began to move he followed the rays, regularly getting up looking through the stain glass front door window

It was past his time for “walkies” people were being ushered through in small numbers, patting him as they passed

You are a good dog, there is a clever dog, taking in the heat of the sun, that’s what I call contentment – these comments and many more were passed as people trouped through the house

They had come to pay their final respects, “pooch” would have to wait some time longer for today’s “walkies”

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Acrostic poem #2

Welcome to the hump of the week


Delighted there are just two days following before the weekend?


Especially if there is partying to be done

Sunday the delegated day of rest, before kicking off a brand new week

Do yourself a favour, rest is a great pick me up

Always try to fit some in

You don’t have to be your own worst enemy.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


Taking pity

Approaching the vehicle

Noticing the passenger window was slightly ajar

We could see this head

bobbing up and down on the drivers seat

The day was one of those shirt sleeve days

Peering in

we could see he was chained to the steering wheel


We talked human talk

Are you alright there

How long have you been here in this heat

The dog looked at us with sad eyes

How could someone be so cruel?

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Back to basics.

After a morning away from the writing room

The weather was no help

Still it was no hindrance

Walk by the shore line, clear the head

Time for a team meeting

Talking to oneself is not a crazy notion

At least that is what I kept whispering to myself

Amazing what goes through your head

while alone with the elements

Thinking I was alone, reciting out loud

Then out of the corner of my eye

A seal, emerging, disappearing, rising again

as if he were following the sound of my voice

Amazing sea creatures, also a great distraction

Suddenly any negative thoughts were blown away

As the wind whirled, the seal bobbed, and

some migrating birds from nearby slob lands

played chicken with swirling white horses

The magic of nature

All this activity going on to my right

while a flock of sheep on a nearby headland

appeared to watch on with interest

At this point I had been walking for about

forty five minutes, ideas were abounding

So about turn

forty five or so minutes back to the gap

leading to the road home, twenty minutes later

Back to basics, poem for the day composed

Happy out. Hope you enjoy.

(c) Chris Black 2017.



The Begorrathon 2017

Begorrah now there’s something to sink your teeth into once you remember to take them out of the jar first!!!

The Fluff Is Raging

March is just around the corner, which in these parts means only one thing.


Reading Ireland Month


Once again, Cathy from 746 Books and I will be co-hosting a month-long blogathon on all things Irish: books, movies, music, TV, and whatever you’re having yourself. download.gifLovely-girls.gifgiphy (1).gif

We had huge success last year: 130 posts from bloggers worldwide!

giphy (1).gif

We’re a fairly easy-going lot so the rules are quite simple:

  • Put a link to your post on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to share it
  • Link to our master post on either of our blogs: FOR POSTS ABOUT POETS, PLAYWRIGHTS and AUTHORS, link back to Cathy at 746 Books
  • FOR POSTS ABOUT FILMS, MUSIC, TV or ANYTHING ELSE, link back to Niall at Raging Fluff
  • Watch our Reading Ireland Month trailer to give you some ideas for what to watch, read, eat or drink
  • Join the craic on Facebook
  • Check out…

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