The Best February Poems Everyone Should Read

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Five classic poems for February

February is a month of transitions, as the cold weather and short days begin to give way to the nascent signs of spring, that season that is yet powerless to be born. (Here we must apologise to our readers in the southern hemisphere, and hope you’ll forgive our northern hemispherical bias.) Below are five of the best poems for the month of February.

Edward Ward, ‘February’. This four-line pithy epigram by the satirical writer ‘Ned’ Ward (1667-1731), a contemporary of Jonathan Swift, advises us to wrap up warm (in ‘Drab-de-berry’, a woollen cloth from Berry in France), and drink plenty of sherry as a way of getting through February. Who are we to argue with him? The poem is included below.

He who would, in this Month, be warm within,
And when abroad, from Wet defend his Skin,
His Morning’s draught should be of…

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