Deep pockets.

Today we walked in the city of Gucci and Rolex

The person sitting on the cardboard box

alongside their life’s belongings

however, watched as ominous grey clouds

passed over.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


5 thoughts on “Deep pockets.

  1. Alas, you’ve nailed it Chris. What we’re seeing played out in front of us is this century’s version of “Let them eat cake.” It’s certainly one of the reasons for Brexit and Trump. The irony being that the Americans voted for the guy who will end up depriving them of even a slice of cake.

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    1. Thanks Fransi, hopefully it won’t be long before he has to eat his own words and those touching the fetlock will have to dine at the same table. Political instability at every hands turn – we could be heading for the polls also. Scandal after scandal no one willing to take responsibility.

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