Back to basics.

After a morning away from the writing room

The weather was no help

Still it was no hindrance

Walk by the shore line, clear the head

Time for a team meeting

Talking to oneself is not a crazy notion

At least that is what I kept whispering to myself

Amazing what goes through your head

while alone with the elements

Thinking I was alone, reciting out loud

Then out of the corner of my eye

A seal, emerging, disappearing, rising again

as if he were following the sound of my voice

Amazing sea creatures, also a great distraction

Suddenly any negative thoughts were blown away

As the wind whirled, the seal bobbed, and

some migrating birds from nearby slob lands

played chicken with swirling white horses

The magic of nature

All this activity going on to my right

while a flock of sheep on a nearby headland

appeared to watch on with interest

At this point I had been walking for about

forty five minutes, ideas were abounding

So about turn

forty five or so minutes back to the gap

leading to the road home, twenty minutes later

Back to basics, poem for the day composed

Happy out. Hope you enjoy.

(c) Chris Black 2017.