Arber Ahmetaj – Two Poems

The Galway Review

arberArber Ahmetaj has published several novels and short stories. He lives in Sion, Switzerland. His books have been published in French, Romanian, Hungarian, etc. He also writes poetry. Some prestigious European literary magazines have evaluated his books as important contributions to contemporary literature.

My Gift

I left all my smiles
in your hands on your lap,
seated in the courtyard of the moon
framed by the flowers
that my mother watered,
groaning from pains in her bones;
forest waters were flowing down beside you;
with my smiles you lit up the evening star.

Foxes lowering their tails went hunting birds;
music played before dawn
crept back into the pipes.

One by one we licked the drops of dew,
dawn lying on the grass –
the moon sitting in our yard between us.

I still have lots of smiles for you,
they never run out,
just sit and wait
and open…

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