If I had.

If I had the memory of an elephant or computer

I would willingly converse.

Being of a certain vintage

Now I must think of what I wish to say

Then to myself rehearse.

If I had

If I had the time or inclination

Possibly I could hold a full blown conversation

If I had the time and inclination that is.

If I had

If I had the memory of a computer or an elephant

I could carry on an intelligent, informed conversation

Built brick on verbal brick.

If I had

If I had words at will I might write proper poetry?

If I had

If I had not thought of this I may have instead

written something fiendishly funny?

(c) Chris Black 2017.


Fear the future

jpoet7/Joseph Black Photography

Fear the future
I fear the fuse is getting short

While we are praying for support.
One man governs now with tweets

Unrest is spilling on the streets.
A fearful shiver down my spine

See refugees along the Rhine.
Their villages the bombs do pummel

Homes and schools now turned to rubble.
The world sits now upon the brink

Can we survive or will we sink.
For now the UN must police

Come together and broker peace.
Fears are that it is all too late

We sit for hours in this debate.
Do they listen or even care

Radical, fanatical, doctrinaire.

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