A short story.

Champ had never seen a stick fly so high or fall so hard in all his years of stick catching.

Captain, his owner would take to the skies each morning to take the fly over, checking on his stock and the adjoining lands.

Champ followed him down to the plane as usual this morning, the usual scenario – nuts in a bowl, fresh water and a run in the pen with his master.

Then he’d take his place outside the wired fencing, watching as the single engine plane took to the skies.

He related this to me when I came on the scene of the plane, which on returning overshot the landing strip, struck the hanger causing a massive explosion.

With ears drooping and a sad look on his face, he told me – he had turned his back on the plane just as his master had thrown the stick from the window of the plane as it was coming into land.

The last sound he heard before the accident was the sound of his masters whistle.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


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