Acrostic poem#7

Sunday Newspaper.

Studying the events of the week


No time pressure


As  much as

You like


News junkies will

Express themselves


Searching out

Political events

Across the vast expanses of the world

Pop culture, sports results, magazines

Et cetera, the

Reason I will always prefer the feel of paper to that of digital.

(c) Chris Black 2017.




7 thoughts on “Acrostic poem#7

    1. That is quite alright to laugh at me Marie – people do it all the time, glad you got a giggle out of it yes it was meant to be a bit of fun – nice to catch up, hope all is good in your world.


  1. Spreading the Sunday New York Times out all over the dining room table and taking hours to read it is something I look forward to all week. And I totally agree, it just wouldn’t be the same inline. Some traditions should just not be messed with.

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