In a hotel lobby

Sitting people watching, what a wonderful pastime. Two ladies putting the world to rights over their lattes and buttered scones.

An elderly silver haired gent with walking cane in left hand slowly makes his way from the bar taking great care not to spill a drop of his precious liquid.

A couple taking their time to study the bar menu then deciding there was nothing on it to tempt their taste buds either that or the price was not to their liking?

Gents in smart suits were visible on the floor at all times, reception staff dealing with a continuous flow of visitors coming and going as well as answering calls with that ease of flow into the ‘telephone voice’

The afternoon tea looked most appealing.

The elevator lady, hardly had time to catch her breath between calling car-park floor numbers, letting visitors know when they reached their floor – car-park minus 1 doors opening, doors closing, level 5 doors opening doors closing et cetera. Does anyone ever think of giving a nod in her direction?

I haven’t noticed before that I can recollect, those delegated to keep toilets in ship shape condition all seem to engage at the same time directing all those short taken to use the facility specific to disabled and baby changing which appeared to cause some distress?

The continued use of these facilities may well have been impacted by the business turnover at the coffee dock?

The continuous flow of people entering and exiting put paid to the rumour of no money in the country, all this a ray of sunshine on a dull and dreary day.

And dare I say ample food for the writer who got added value for his Euro.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


3 thoughts on “In a hotel lobby

  1. I can so relate to this Chris. I am an avid people watcher and hotel lobbies are the best!! You’ve inspired me. It’s a long weekend in Canada — I may just visit a few lobbies myself this weekend.

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