I’m addled.

Barging into the office, steam emitting from my ears. I’ll give him whats what I muttered to myself, before coming to an abrupt halt in the middle of the office floor.

Mr ‘Grumblefellow’ as the boss had been christened was slumped across the large mahogany table, drawing a deep breath I ventured closer, lifted the bosses left hand in search of a pulse.

‘Grumblefellow’ was still warm.

That instant there was a knock on the office door, stepping away quickly before getting a chance to find a pulse in stepped Ms. ‘Bedfellow’,  stone faced she stuttered what on earth has happened.

I found him in this position on arrival I informed her. I had been summoned to his office a short time earlier – his tone was very abrupt.

I had intended to let him know how I felt about his tone over the phone. Now it’s my conscious that’s at me. So it should be replied Ms. ‘Bedfellow’, you see he wished to speak with you in relation to elevating you to a higher position in the company and discuss remuneration figures with you.

The eccentric pair had gone way over the top in relation to this promotion I thought silently to myself.

Just then ‘Grumblefellow’ sat bolt upright from the table, enthusing – we wanted to see how you would react in a time of crisis. Glad to say you passed with flying colours.

I shook both their hands,  asked may I have a few moments to consider your offer?

Returned promptly to my office where I quickly wrote my letter of resignation.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


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