As the song says

Sorry is the hardest word.

Sorry, I’m sorry that I haven’t taken time out to say I’m sorry

Sorry for the wrongs I’ve done

Sorry for all the wrongs you think I’ve done

Sorry for not answering promptly when questioned

Sorry for answering when you believed I should have kept my mouth zipped

Sorry for turning up at those inappropriate times

Sorry, I should have been aware they were ‘private’ meetings?

Sorry for dressing casual when you believed it a formal affair

Sorry, but it was just an outdoor BBQ they were not royalty?

Sorry but Royalty do casual also

Sorry for having an opinion

Sorry I ever started to say sorry?

I’m certainly not in the least sorry

It has just opened my eyes as to what a sorry person you really are

I’m just glad now you broached the subject of are you not sorry

Are you not sorry?

(c) Chris Black 2017.

5 thoughts on “As the song says

    1. Naw, the thought came while listening to a Roger Miller album which included a tune with sorry in the title so I have him to thank I think!!! Sorry to have missed you on your Enniscorthy trip hope you enjoyed. Got there for Sunday with Bi Bi Baskin and the rest of the Ladies great weekend.


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