Just for the fun of it.

WIN_20170522_15_15_42_ProDown at club FUNK-SHUN situated at Overall Junction, Crosscut Saw  were belting out the Laundromat Blues.

Their Personal Manager i.e. ‘The Hunter’ possibly, who’s to say, was Born under a bad sign, that day when he took the phone call, he spoke in a rather belligerent manner storming – I’m not in a bad mood, feeling Down don’t bother me.

The very thought of you flying in from Kansas City gives me a lot more than Cold Feet.

I almost lost my mind on getting that news. Even though OH, Pretty Woman, As the years go by, knowing that I love Lucy, You sure drive a hard bargain. Go right ahead ditch me at your peril, but keep this in mind, someday and it may not be that far away You’re gonna need me.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

While listening to this album the tracks jumped out at me I thought just for the fun of it have a go write a story.

Give it a try just for the fun of it.

Song titles included in story in italics. 

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