Pictures from the mind (5)

Through a fog of incense I recall

We said goodbye

We were soft children then

Wondering why do some grow-ups cry.

We didn’t know you very well at all

Was that because you were called Black Sheep?

You came to visit once

Not very long ago

They brought you to the parlour.

Only adults were brought into the parlour

We had lots of questions for you

But you just shook our hands

As you were leaving, saying

We’ll meet again sometime.

Mam and Dad chorused

Over our dead bodies

We were to young to know

What that really meant

It frightened us.

We thought they were going to die

But it was your turn before them.

We know you can’t hear our whisper

But we might meet again sometime?

Then you can tell us the whole story?


We just heard someone behind us whisper

Can’t wait to see the back of him.

Adults can be very cruel.

Goodbye Uncle Dan.

(c) Chris Black 2017.










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