Pictures from the mind (7)

You’re in trouble now young lady she said faintly.

I had just tipped her to get her attention.

Touching, that’s a mortal sin you just committed.

But I, But I

But I nothing she said, her voice raised a little

Class did you hear me, pay attention.

Class is not for conversation

All that and more can be done at break time


But Miss

Don’t you dare interrupt me?

One hundred lines for you tonight young lady

Fifty lines for the rest of you.

That should teach you all a pay attention lesson?

But I was just trying to get your attention Miss

Jane is not back in class.

Jane said to tell you she is not feeling well

Well you should let Jane speak for herself.

But she is outside lying in the playground Miss

How can she speak for herself?

We never did get those lines.

Jane never came back to class.

We, had a new teacher the following week.

(c) Chris Black 2017.







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