Pictures from the mind (8)

Sabbath day ritual

For the head of the family.

06:30am would find him

Standing outside the kitchen door

Hail, rain or snow it made no difference.

He stood by a slightly rusted tripod type stand

This held an enamel basin which he filled

With rain water stored in a tank

Separate from the house.

On the windowsill he had a bar of carbolic soap

A plastic covered container where he kept his cut throat razor

Also there his lathering brush.

He never used a mirror.

After lathering, he would then take his cut throat

Carefully shaving off the weeks growth.

Never once did we see him draw blood.

Sunday was the one day in the week we were all spic and span.

His black suit laid out on the spare bed, with a razor like crease.

The collar well starched on his crisp white shirt.

Boots smartly polished.

Once dressed, he gave us the once over.

We were then loaded into the pony and trap

The pony had been harnessed earlier

And yoked to the trap

He was happy enough with his bag of oats

And his trough of water.

A crack of the whip and off we went on

(The pony was never struck)

The four mile journey for mass at 09:30

Breakfast was laid out for us on our return.

Everyone fasted from midnight which was the norm.

After breakfast, we herded up the cows for milking

A twice daily chore except for Sunday.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


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