Pictures from the mind (10)

It’s only poetry, we answered when the question was popped

Would you not consider writing a story?

Well we could write on the worst singer in the whole world

Who had a voice like a chain saw

But that wouldn’t be fair

He never said anything about our poems?

(A story)

When we were only toddlers

We sat on the front porch

Set up our own business buffing shoes

pocket money for the school holidays

Entrepreneurs they called us

They’er a smart pair

The neighbours told our parents

Until that is, one day

We used brown polish on black shoes

The lady went blind with rage

Nearly caused world war three

A deep feeling of anxiety came over us!!!

We were offered work trimming hedges

Down on our knees with a shears cutting grass

In compensation

Luckily September intervened…

(c) Chris Black 2017.


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