A change of diet!

Today we thought we’d change tack

Write something a little laid back

So we took up our pen

With a silent Amen

We decided to give Limericks a crack.


There was a young chap from Klondike

Who one day while riding his bike

Hit a hole in the road

Suffered distress overload

To which his girlfriend took a total dislike…


A young lady who hailed from Saigon

Who was married to more men than one

Thought this can’t be right

When on her wedding night

It all went horribly wrong…


Limericks don’t have to be rude?

So let us , for a brief interlude

Think of a clean one

Now that deed is done

Go in search of a Limerick prude…


Now tell us is there such a thing

As a Limerick without a sting

Perhaps if you know one

You’ll find you’re alone

When IT to the table you bring…


Well that’s enough fun for the day

That’s because we have no more to say

So we’ll do as we’re bid

Close down the lid

Did someone mention foreplay?

(c) Chris Black 2017.



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