Aine Ni Mhaoileoin, An Artist is his own Fault

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Aine Ni Mhaoileoin is a writer based in Co. Galway, Ireland. She completed her MA in Writing at NUIG in 2016. Her work has appeared in Ad Hoc Fiction, the Galway Review, Dodging The Rain and Sin. She is a co-founder and editor of Dodging The Rain, and in her spare time, she writes drama, fiction and the odd poem.

Introduction: During my MA in NUIG, I was lucky enough to meet with many established authors and artists as part of a weekly Writer’s Seminar. Hearing their wisdom about the world of writing and publishing proved to be an inspiring and fruitful exercise. As part of the course, I also attended the wonderful Cuirt festival in Galway. The following pieces are part of a series I wrote in response to these experiences and the advice I received.

             ‘An artist is his own fault.’ — John O’Hara


O’ Hara…

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7 thoughts on “Aine Ni Mhaoileoin, An Artist is his own Fault

      1. Ideas are always welcome. I’ve been writing for a long time. I’ve published 67 articles in K9YA Telegraph, an amateur radio e-magazine in Chicago, since 2007. While everyone else is writing about the radio I’m writing about the fellow twisting the knobs. I write for my own enjoyment and they happen to like it too. Everyone gets lucky sometimes. Thanks for your kind words.

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      2. I twisted the knobs in radio for 16 glorious years some classical knobs, middle of the road knobs and many, many American country knobs from Bob Wills & company to Haggard, Jones, Nelson et al and the many Ladies of country. I also write for my own enjoyment great therapy. Long may the ink continue to flow through your veins.

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      3. Ah, Bob Wills. My mother owned a streetcar diner during World War II. A juke box at the north end of the dining car. Bob Wills had lots of records there.

        Yes, the golden age of AM radio. Nothing better since.

        Thanks for that memory.

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      4. Thanks, C.J.. I’ve touched on it. But there are many stories about that diner – the folks who came for the five-cent coffee and fistfuls of nickels for jukebox.

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