Angela McCabe – Two Poems

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The Galway Review

Angela McCabe has worked as a Neuropsychologist. She is the 2016 winner of the Listowel Poetry Collection Competition. Several of her short stories and poems have won prizes and have appeared in various anthologies. Angela has written screen plays and made an award winning short movie and does Performance Art.
She leads cross-border women’s writing groups. Her third poetry book will be complete by the end of 2017.


Ancestors stood in the meadow
watching fire burn down the home place.
A freak accident.

Faces of family reflected
in pools of black water
Pulling me down. I almost drowned.

Dreams of women in summer frocks
cooling cakes by open windows.
Men making hay. Living through war.

The name of the house is gone,
‘Lisnaree.’ The name blows through
the azaleas I grow here in Lahard.

Begonias, geraniums and violas
talk to one another
of my mother’s green fingers.

Mine went…

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