Spit and polish.

Take your place in the queue he said, we should not be very long. The car had to be washed and valeted.

3:00 pm in the afternoon the summer shower that began two hours previous had now turned into a mini typhoon.

Even though the crew managing the service were on duty until 6:00 pm I doubt they were in any form to face another car.

Between the humidity and the incessant rain fall and more cars joining the queue each person was met with a friendly greeting.

Perhaps behind that mask they were spitting fire?

The sign at the entrance said all business welcome in brackets it might well have read (give us a break lads its bucketing down rain).

But as man can’t live on bread alone unless it comes in the shape of 20 euro notes they carried on regardless.

N.B. just as it came my turn in the queue the sun burst through the clouds, I over heard one of the crew remark – now wait for a deluge of cars…

I was glad of the sunshine blast, taking my seat outside with a large mug of coffee I concluded my story of my visit to the car wash and valet experience.

(c) Chris Black 2017.