Pictures from the mind (15)

Summer holidays from school then were for us –

Sitting in a field emblazoned with daisies and dandelions

Catching bumblebees in unwashed jam jars

(Never was PC – those were innocent times)

No T.V. then, just a crackly old battery operated radio.

Every day at 1:00pm before dinner was served

We’d all gather eagerly around the radio

Sit and listen with great intent to the *Kennedy’s of Castleross

Once that was over, with radio switched off

A plate of cabbage and hairy bacon would be laid out before us

There could be as many as 8 places set especially at harvest time

A saucepan of home grown spuds would then be turned out on the table.

Before taking knife and fork in hand

Granddad would cross himself, giving thanks say grace.

We all had a choice of fresh spring water

Drawn from the nearby well earlier that morning

Or if preferred a mug of fresh buttermilk to drink.

After dinner once all dishes were washed and put away

We would get a turn at the handle as granny churned the butter.

After that it was time to pulp turnips and feed the sow.

Every day was a new adventure.

Summer holidays always ended way too soon.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

*Irish serial drama broadcast on Radio Eireann from 1955 – 1973.










7 thoughts on “Pictures from the mind (15)

  1. I remember when my paternal grandmother made peach ice cream in a wooden churn on her back porch. She also made all her own noodles (of every size), cutting them by hand — there were always noodles drying everywhere.

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