Taking his leave *(Sequel)

Claire who was from a neighbouring village

And 18 months his senior

First set eyes on Jaimie at a local hop

They got on famously from the first time their eyes met


Jamie’s other best friend was ‘Baa’ the family sheepdog

They would spend hours on end

Walking through meadows fair

He could tell ‘Baa’ all life’s secrets

Knowing they were safe with him


Jaimie was being groomed

For a life which was indeed alien to him

Even though he had just past his 18th year

In his heart he knew

This farming life was not for him


Schooling and mixing

Outside the family circle

Gave him a glimpse of what life

Could be like in the world outside


He was an only child

Mothered and smothered


Living in isolation

In an isolated part of the country

Hoping against hope

His parents tried their living best

To keep him at home


That Christmas,

With extended family gathered

At the ‘Last Supper’

He felt distanced from all conversation

Picked at the feast placed before him, hungry only

For what lay in wait


His mind made up on what his next move

Would be

He wrote that note


Close by neighbours unaware of his actions

Under cover of darkness, took his leave


When eventually the boat docked

A whole new world opened up for him

Felling nervous, excited and breathless

At the thought of being free

Of thumb and apron string


He left his sea legs on board

Back pack strapped firmly in place

Left down his suitcase with a firm thud


They stood for what seemed an eternity

Lost in each others arms


Claire had left home sometime before him

They were far from strangers


Their families left behind

Ignorant of this couples intentions

They were to put matters right in the days following


His mother

Now a broken woman

Left it way too late to show her inner feelings

Father, unable to do so at any time


She visited his room nightly

In its silence



All he left her was that note

Which had an added PS

Those apron strings were choking me


Love Jaimie.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

*Thank you Marie Hunter Atwood – gardengirl761.wordpress.com

I hope the your prompt for a sequel worked.