It could well happen you know.

That day he found himself off line

You could not see his eyes for tears

What am I to do loudly he sobbed

Read your book was the blunt reply

That won’t solve my problem

In a mumbled voice he replied

My friends

They will think I’m ignoring them

I don’t want TO READ A BOOK


Well we are sorry for your troubles

The boy was just aged nine.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Clutter is not just “stuff”

365 And Counting

A friend of mine is selling her house. In preparation for putting it on the market, she has been purging for months. Going through every closet, drawer, shelf, cupboard and pantry, getting rid of everything she no longer needs, wants or uses.

I’m smiling, somewhat sheepishly, as I’m writing because it’s something we all go through — usually when we’re about to move. That’s when, after years of accumulating and stockpiling and “saving,” we suddenly spring into action — because the thought of packing it all, unpacking it all and trying to find room for it is more than we can bear.

We went out for dinner last week — my friend and I — it was a catch up of sorts. We’ve both been caught up in our own lives and, although we text and talk on the phone all the time, we haven’t had time to get together…

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