Waxing lyrical.

He opens the ‘coffin’ lid

Turns back the soft red satin cover

Stands back glowing

Never ceases to be

Amazed at its beauty

He kneels down

Gently removes it

From its tight fitted space

Delights at its feel

Leans across the table

Picks up his plectrum

Plucking the strings of his precious Fender

Sometimes out of tune, never out of favour

Now he is lost in that musical world

Waxing lyrical

At a revolution speed to suit the mood

Something we all do from time to time

Instrumental in keeping in tune with the world.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


Taking his leave. #Threequel.

Peter arrived unexpectedly

A wry smile on his face

It was scented

The envelope he handed mother

Father, a little perplexed

Standing at her shoulder

Said, come in Peter

Kettles on the boil

Hang the mailbag on the nail

Behind the door

Mother disappeared into the parlour

She didn’t appear for quite a few minutes

When she did

Tears were streaming down her face

Bad news the two men echoed

I don’t know how to tell you father

She said

The news from Jaimie is

Claire is expecting twins

Intake of breath from father

Celebration time said Peter?

Finish up your tea now Peter said father

We have family issues to discuss.

Peter a little perplexed

Removed his bag from behind the door

Leaving, he said over his shoulder

Glad to have brought you the good news

Good news muttered mother to father

They only know one another a few minutes

We never did get invited to the wedding.

They are arriving home at the weekend

Jaimie wants to know if we can have the spare room made up

(And how is ‘Baa’)

They have invited Claire’s parents to stay

They are meeting them at the airport

They can sleep in that room

Claire and I will use my bedroom

What will the neighbours think father?

What a strange world we’re living in.

With a nervous twitch mother said

I’ll ring the presbytery, Fr. Fergus will want to know.

(c) Chris Black 2017.



Alone in a Starbucks Café.

Remember we only come alive

Once the writer takes pen in hand.

We then compose ourselves, form words on command.


Everyday brings a new challenge

Nothing surprises as we rearrange

To form words which are used worldwide

In turn this leaves stories without a hiding place.


Pen, the instrument in the hand of the master

Will highlight success, headline disaster.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Acrostic Poem#19

Short and simple as it is the Sabbath day

Use this time to pray to your God

Naturally your words will be heeded

Don’t expect immediate change though

Above the din of war eventually armies will hear our words

Yammering is the one weapon we have in our arsenal let us as one voice continue to be heard.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Acrostic Poem#18

Sadly today is another one of those days where

Atrocities continue worldwide

Thankfully there is but one day left in this week, I’m in

Urgent need of a lie down and escape from this form of poetry

Responding in part to what is happening on a global scale is not what I

Do very well

Acrostically at any rate

Yet there is so much more must be written about the horrors worldwide.

(c) Chris Black 2017.


Acrostic Poem #17

Frantically looking for something positive to write about

Rather difficult listening to news bulletins

Irresponsible leaders threatening world peace

Day by day they instil fear

Armies stepping out displaying  their power to the world

Yearning for peace appears alien to them as another shot across the bows of their                                                               neighbours was performed earlier this Friday morning.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Acrostic Poem#16

TRAGIC, truly it is the

HURT being inflicted on the innocent worldwide by those hungry only for power

UPSETTING seeing this through averted eyes on TV screens and paper headlines

REGRETFULLY there is no sign of this hate abating

SADLY in our lifetime this pain and suffering is set to continue

DELIVERING peace seems alien to those in WHITE HOUSES and GOLDEN PALACES

AFTER all it would appear there is no obvious benefit to be gained pursuing PEACE

YELLOW STREAKS, not visible to the naked eye sadly prevalent in the HOUSES of the                                                                                                                   fashionable and privileged.

(c) Chris Black 2017.

Acrostic Poem#15

Wonderful news to


Delighted we have reached the hump of the week

Nerves, what nerves

Everything is hunky dory here hope this finds you in a

Similar state of mind

Doing what needs to be done to keep the wolf from the door

Acrostically speaking, not caustically speaking

Yes of course I could have written a course poem that’s for another day this is for                                                                               Wednesday.

(c) Chris Black 2017.