Taking his leave. #Threequel.

Peter arrived unexpectedly

A wry smile on his face

It was scented

The envelope he handed mother

Father, a little perplexed

Standing at her shoulder

Said, come in Peter

Kettles on the boil

Hang the mailbag on the nail

Behind the door

Mother disappeared into the parlour

She didn’t appear for quite a few minutes

When she did

Tears were streaming down her face

Bad news the two men echoed

I don’t know how to tell you father

She said

The news from Jaimie is

Claire is expecting twins

Intake of breath from father

Celebration time said Peter?

Finish up your tea now Peter said father

We have family issues to discuss.

Peter a little perplexed

Removed his bag from behind the door

Leaving, he said over his shoulder

Glad to have brought you the good news

Good news muttered mother to father

They only know one another a few minutes

We never did get invited to the wedding.

They are arriving home at the weekend

Jaimie wants to know if we can have the spare room made up

(And how is ‘Baa’)

They have invited Claire’s parents to stay

They are meeting them at the airport

They can sleep in that room

Claire and I will use my bedroom

What will the neighbours think father?

What a strange world we’re living in.

With a nervous twitch mother said

I’ll ring the presbytery, Fr. Fergus will want to know.

(c) Chris Black 2017.




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