Dog and Humans on Trial

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A one-year-old mongrel cocker spaniel crossed with something short burst into our lives yesterday when he joined us on a one week trial basis. I’m not sure which of the three of us is on trial but I suspect it’s us.

The dog rescue founder herself arrived with him shortly after 1 pm. She was younger than I’d expected but I suppose was in her early forties and a mother with school going daughters. One daughter had tied a small colourful scarf around Button’s neck. Buttons, a bit tentative at first, thrust forward his wet black nose and licked my hand whilst wagging his tail, incessantly. He then, once off the lead, did a bit of exploring and cocked a leg in a few spots to mark his territory. One was inside the house and done out of our sight. “Tell him off if you see him doing it.” As…

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